Why Cloudpaging could be the real Cloud 2.0

It’s almost two years since John Soat asked: ‘Cloud 2.0 – Are we there yet?’ in a blog post for InformationWeek. And while some might argue that the question has never truly been answered, a technology called Cloudpaging, currently being developed by startup Numecent, could be about to change all that.

Cloudpaging (if successful) has the potential to be, as Business Insider put it yesterday, “a game-changer for enterprise software”.

The concept makes sense – rather than running applications from an internet-connected ‘cloud’, as is the current process, Cloudpaging temporarily downloads bits of an application and runs them directly on the user’s device, predicting and downloading which parts of the app will get used.

“With cloudpaging, users don’t have to wait for very large downloads to complete and can start using an application in as little as 5% of the time it would have taken for the total download,” Numecent stated yesterday, in its first release to the press.  Read more

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