Vertiv™ Critical Advantage Webcast - 21 September 2017 10am

The Use of Transformers for Protection in Modern Data Centres

Critical Advantage Webcast - The Use of Transformers for Protection in Modern Data Centres

21st September 2017


Transformers within UPS systems in data centres and IT critical environments have been largely replaced by present-day electronics within modern UPS units. However, transformers remain an essential tool for mitigation of a number of potential problems and to provide security of supply in the most critical areas.

Join the Vertiv™ Critical Advantage Webcast for all of the answers. This webcast will outline the different applications and suggest ways of:

  • Avoiding floating neutrals
  • Preventing the sharing of fault currents
  • Improving loop impedances values
  • Limiting fault currents
  • Providing unique ways of joining dissimilar electrical circuits

Of course, they will also consider the negatives of transformers:

  • Increased volume for equipment
  • Heat losses
  • Maintenance
  • Designing for redundancy

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