INDUSTRY NEWS: posted 31 May 2018

PRESS RELEASE:  London, England, 31 May 2018 – Starline has been awarded the “Data Centre Power Product of the Year” Award at the annual Data Centre Solutions (DCS) Awards ceremony in London for its integrated terminal lug temperature monitors.

“We are proud to be the first to offer this temperature sensor technology and are excited that others are recognising the benefits of this industry innovation,” stated EMEA & SW Asia Sales Director Mathew George, who accepted the award on behalf of Starline.

“Decades ago Starline was the first overhead busway available on the market and today we remain dedicated to continuing to integrate new features and functionality into the product offering.”

Previously, organisations were reliant on periodically IR scanning their feed terminal lugs to identify potential loose connections and hopefully address an issue before a failure occurs. Now, Starline customers have the option to add temperature sensors to their busway feed terminals, which are fully integrated into Starline CPM meters. Instead of relying on finding an issue during the planned IR scan times, these sensors provide real-time temperature data, which can be trended over time to determine if loose connections are causing the feed terminals to heat. If this occurs, alarm thresholds can be set to notify you of a potentially dangerous scenario before a failure occurs. This temperature monitoring data is provided instantly via the Starline CPM platform. With both Modbus serial and Ethernet-based connectivity options, this data can also be easily integrated into DCIM or BMS systems.

“This is a tremendous honour for us,” said Mark Swift, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for Universal Electric Corporation. “Continuing to develop new and innovative products that provide value to our customers is a strategic goal for our organisation and it is great to be recognised by the industry for our efforts.”

The goal when developing the integrated terminal lug temperature monitors was to provide crucial data for faster decisions, which ultimately leads to safer data centres. A main focus for Starline is to address customer pain points through product innovation. In addition, the product line is also dedicated to expanding its presence and customer service internationally, with main manufacturing sites now in England, Singapore and the United States.

Universal Electric Corporation (UEC), manufacturer of Starline, is proud to be acknowledged by the DCS Awards 2018 and would like to extend its congratulations to all other DCS Award winners.

About Universal Electric:

Universal Electric Corporation (UEC), a pioneer in electrical power distribution since 1924, is a world leader in the development of customisable power distribution systems. Industry innovators for more than 85 years, the company’s premium, flexible products are designed to fit the electrical power needs of any business in any industry. One of the only companies dedicated exclusively to flexible power distribution products, Universal Electric’s award-winning Starline and U-S Safety Trolley products have revolutionised electrical power distribution in data centers, industrial manufacturing facilities, retail chains and grocery stores worldwide.

For more information, please visit: or contact Rachel Wilkin on +1-724-597-7800 or email

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