South West Communications Group launches new web filtering tool for schools

Data centre owners South West Communications Group has extended its work within the education sector with the launch of a web filtering service.
Amid Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent calls for enhanced family-friendly filters for home online users, this new web filtering service includes intuitive reporting and management to provide filtering by year groups, secure virtual learning environments, such as Moodle, and defined networks for academic & administration purposes.
Sarah Flowers, South West Communications Group’s sales director, said: “Control over what web content students should or shouldn’t see is a major consideration for schools and colleges. There is a real responsibility to protect pupils from web-borne threats and to promote safe Internet use. We have sought out a solution that will provide educational organisations with the filtering tools they need to encourage creative and productive Internet use in a secure environment.” 
Already a supplier of telephone systems, lines, minutes and data networks to schools, colleges and universities throughout the South West, in South Wales and the South East, the Exeter-based company has used its Internet and data security expertise to enhance its service to the education sector.

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