TECHNOLOGY NEWS: posted 10 September 2018

Press release:New DATACENTRE.ME website sponsor, Rentaload, continues to innovate and to develop new solutions.  One of these innovations is temporary aisle containment which helps to make data centre commissioning tests easier & faster to carry out, in addition to making them more accurate.

As we all know, commissioning tests are not always scheduled when you want them.  If server cabinets and cold or hot aisle containments are not installed, it can be difficult to test cooling systems under real conditions.

So far, there have been two approaches in practice:

  1. a realistic test was dispensed with and the load banks were simply distributed in the room
  2. a temporary enclosure was built with chipboard and acrylic glass

The results with a temporary enclosure are, of course, much more meaningful because, as in later operation, the cold air is separated from the warm air enabling the cooling system to work more efficiently.

Rentaloadhas now developed a temporary enclosure that can be quickly installed by their team.

The system:

  1. Is modular
  2. Does not require on-site cutting
  3. Is compatible with any of the rack-mountable Rentaload load banks

On a light, self-standing metal structure plastic and acrylic, glass plates are attached.

Its modular and flexible design makes it adjustable to every configuration of the empty room.

The structure can enclose the hot or the cold aisle. It can be made with a roof or, alternatively, be made to reach the ceiling to create the separation of hot and cold air.

It features the possibility to insert load banks on different heights; Rentaloads floor-standing 21kW load banks or the rack-mountable 6 and 7 KW load banks.

View a Rentaload Aisle Containment pod for testing Data Centre video here.

About Rentaload:

Rentaloadis a true load bank solutions partner through every step of planning, set-up, testing and de-mobilisation; offering customer support. You can have confidence in their track record of more than 200 data centre commissions per year, all over Europe

Rentaload’s field teams support installation, electrical connection and assistance during testing.

Rentaloaddelivers and installs its temporary hot or cold aisle containment across all of Europe.

For more information, please visit or contact David Guedes, Rentaload UK & Ireland Sales Director on +44 (0) 7388 334295 or via email at

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