DATA CENTRE TRAINING NEWS: posted 12 January 2018

PRESS RELEASE- CNet has expanded its program delivery methods to include a new Live Virtual Classroom - the next generation technical education environment.

Live Virtual Classroom programs cleverly combine traditional classroom learning with live remote learning.

CNet’s live virtual programs are still led by one of CNet’s expert instructors in a physical classroom, yet they also enable the program to be shared ‘live’ with virtual learners as they ‘remote’ in from wherever they are in the world. Those who are in the physical classroom are able to see and communicate face-to-face with the virtual learners who have remoted in. Those who have remoted in, effectively sit in the back row of the classroom and can see all other learners. Although they are not physically present in the classroom, they can see everything the physical learners can and can also interact with both the instructor and all the other learners too and contribute to team activities through virtual breakout sessions. 

From the comfort of their own home or office, virtual learners can enjoy the same learning experience as those who are physically in the classroom. Currently, the Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMPâ), Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCDPâ), Certified Data Centre Energy Professional (CDCEPâ) and the Certified Data Centre Audit Professional (CDCAPâ) programs are available virtually, with plans to add more programs from the Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework in the future.

CNet’s CEO, Andrew Stevens, said: “Virtual programs have been in the pipeline for a long time. It’s taking a lot of planning and preparation to enable learners to have the best possible experience. We trialled the virtual program late last year and after receiving some exceptionally positive feedback, we have now added many more program dates to our schedule.”

There are many benefits of virtual programs, as Andrew highlights: “CNet’s virtual programs allow individuals to learn alongside others from across the world, who may not have the opportunity to travel to the physical classroom locations but can learn in the same time zone. It’s good to bring learners together under one virtual roof which can only help widen learners’ shared knowledge and education experiences.”

To find out more about the virtual programs, please visit:

To see all virtual programs, please visit:

International award-winning education company, CNet Training has been designing and delivering professional network infrastructure training programs since 1996.

Today, officially the largest education provider in the world dedicated to the digital infrastructure industry which includes the data centre and network infrastructure sectors, CNet is recognised throughout the world for being the global industry leader and the only dedicated education provider to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications.  These qualifications start at level 3 and culminate with the world’s first and only a level 7 Masters Degree program in Data Centre Leadership and Management.

A significant part of CNet’s history is the development of the highly acclaimed Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, which offers industry professionals an opportunity to plan professional education, qualifications and certifications to meet individual and business needs.

CNet deliver classroom-based, instructor-led technical education programs in locations across the world and virtual classroom, allowing ease of access to all industry professionals across the world. In addition to its impressive client list of multinational organisations, the company is proud of its close associations with the world’s leading trade associations and industry bodies including the Data Centre Alliance, EUDCA, Infrastructure Masons, AFCOM, 7x24, Broad Group, Green Grid, ISO quality standards and Pearson. So trusted is CNet’s expertise that it also designs and delivers vendor-specific programs for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of data centre and network infrastructure solutions.

For more information regarding any of CNet’s programs, please visit or call +44 (0) 1284 767100 or contact Heidi Teixeira on +44 (0) 1284 718409 /

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