Honeywell’s cutting edge fire detection technology revealed at Comms Expo

Honeywell Life Safety EMEA is set to launch FAAST, the ground-breaking new ultra-sensitive aspiration detection system, at Comms Expo in London on 26 – 27 June, a leading event in the data centre calendar.

Honeywell Life Safety provides leading-edge solutions that extend technology leadership in Intelligent Sensing, Gas, Fire and Smoke Detection, Health Telemonitoring, and Personal Protective Equipment. FAAST™ Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology is the latest addition to the fire detection portfolio, offering the earliest and most accurate fire detection so you can detect fires before they happen, whilst removing false alarm risks in a wide range of buildings and industries.
Ultra sensitive very early warning protection is an essential safety measure in enterprise critical operations such as IT data centres and telecommunications facilities, where revenue loss and reputational damage due to fire disruption create massive business losses. Recent research has shown that the average outage caused by such disruptions in data rooms in the UK was 120 minutes and the most expensive failure cost more than £7,000 per minute. In the US the aggregate cost of the most recent downtimes in 41 data centres was in excess of $20 million (£12.8 million).
FAAST is able to provide such a high-level of protection through a number of unique hardware and software features:

  • Internet / IP connectivity, which enables remote monitoring and management of the full system from anywhere in the world
  • Super-sensitive detection via multi-angle and multi-wavelength optics and algorithms that differentiate combustible particles from dust particles
  • First of its kind three-stage filtration, which includes an aerospace-designed patented wing filter, and prevents particles larger than 20 microns from entering the detection chamber
  • Use of the System Sensor digital Advanced Protocol to communicate with the fire control panel, which enables both point and aspiration detectors to be integrated into a single overall fire system

Visitors to the FAAST stand at Comms Expo will be able to witness demonstrations of FAAST as it immediately and accurately identifies the slightest changes in air temperature and particle content. They will also be able to experience FAAST’s remote monitoring service available on iPad, iPhone and all other internet-enabled devices. FAAST specialists will be available to answer questions about the range which includes FAAST LT, our solution better suited for applications such as smaller server rooms.
Those attending the Conference on 26 June will also be able to listen to Jeff Klein of Honeywell Life Safety Americas, speaking about the importance of protecting enterprise-critical equipment at data centres and how FAAST helps achieve the highest level of protection possible.

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