INDUSTRY NEWS: posted 25 June 2018

Excel Networking Solutions has recently announced that they have rebranded one of their product groups, the ExpressNet Solution.

ExpressNet Solution was formerly known as the Mixed-Use Panel and Cassettes and provides a simple way of presenting both copper and fibre in one patch panel, offering the capacity for both copper and fibre within 1U of rack space.

Excel’s ExpressNet Solution is supplied either as standalone products or as a pre-terminated solution, delivered to site as a ready-to-go plug-and-play system.  All the ISO/IEC and TIA/ANSI performance standard criteria apply to the Excel ExpressNet Solution for copper and fibre.  The products undergo rigorous tests and quality checks to ensure that the performance levels of the system will exceed the demands of the destination network.  When supplied as a pre-terminated solution, minimal on-site testing is required, which helps reduce the overall installation time, thereby reducing costs. This also limits the risk of system failure and reduces post-installation performance issues, creating a future-proof solution.

Neil Payne, Excel Product Manager commented, “The ability to have fibre and copper presented in one panel offers flexibility in the installation, reduces the rack space that is required and provides future proofing in system design.

“The ExpressNet Solution is modular by design, meaning the cassettes can be changed, added and removed at any point without disturbing any existing cabling.  The cassettes can be easily disconnected and, if required, moved to a different U space in a rack, or even to a different rack altogether. We also offer blanking cassettes, which help to keep the installation free from dirt, dust and contamination, which is particularly important when fibre is installed in the cassettes.

“The ExpressNet Solution is suitable for a range of vertical markets, including data centres, education, health and business environments. Industry specialists are increasingly acknowledging the benefits of the ExpressNet Solution and it should be a serious consideration for all project types.”

Further details about the ExpressNet Panels and Modules are available in our dedicated brochure, available to download from the Excel website.  Further to the brochure, our new range of videos includes an overview of the ExpressNet Solution alongside new “How-To” Videos showing how to terminate each of the ExpressNet Modules. You can head over to Excel’s Youtube channel to watch these.

For more information about the Excel ExpressNet Solution or to enquire about pricing, please contact the Sales team on +44 (0) 121 326 7557 or email sales@excel-networking.com.  For further details about Excel, please visit www.excel-networking.com.

Background Information:

Excel is a world-class premium performing end-to-end infrastructure solution – designed, manufactured, supported and delivered – without compromise.

Excel is driven by a team of industry experts, ensuring the latest innovation and manufacturing capabilities are implemented to surpass quality and performance standards, technical compliance and excellence.

Excel structured cabling products constitute an end-to-end solution where performance and ease of installation are prerequisites. With an emphasis on compatibility and standards compliance ‘from cable to rack’, reliability and product availability, Excel is the complete trusted solution. Since the brand was conceived in 1997, Excel has enjoyed formidable growth.

The meteoric rise of the brand reflects a growing demand throughout EMEA for a reliable, standards-compliant, readily available, structured cabling and rack system. Excel is able to deliver this mix as a result of strict European quality assurance and a growing base of distributors and integrators across EMEA, which combine to make the brand an increasingly viable option. With a focus on independent testing and a full 25 year product and application warranty, when installed by an authorised Excel Partner, it’s easy to see why this is the system of choice in many government, education, and commercial installations.

Excel has won the following industry awards:

  1. Network Computing 2016 – Cabling Supplier of the Year
  2. Network Computing 2015 – Cabling Supplier of the Year
  3. Network Computing 2014 – Cabling Supplier of the Year
  4. Network Computing 2013 – Cabling Supplier of the Year
  5. Network Computing 2012 – Cabling Supplier of the Year
  6. Network Computing 2011 – Cabling Supplier of the Year
  7. Comms Expo 2012 – Manufacturer of the Year

For further information, please visit www.excel-networking.com or contact Rebecca Bishop, Marketing Communications Executive, on +44 (0) 121 326 2278 or via email at rebeccab@excel-networking.com

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