INDUSTRY NEWS: posted 30 October 2018

PRESS RELEASE:  Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom: EkkoSense has announced the launch of their EkkoSoft Critical Starter Pack, available at a fraction of the cost of traditional, over-complex infrastructure management approaches.

The starter pack is an edge-ready pilot version of its SaaS-powered 3D data centre visualisation and optimisation software.  It is targeted at micro and modular data centre operations, as well as other organisations keen to trial EkkoSense’s DCIM-class M&E Capacity Planning and Simulation functionality at an affordable price.  Additionally, this software eliminates the need to use expensive external DCIM consultants

The new starter pack is available from just £2,500, in a configuration that includes a year’s access to EkkoSense’s SaaS visualisation, analytics and optimisation software. As part of the package, the EkkoSoft Critical Starter Pack will also provide ten of its low-cost wireless temperature sensors to provide thermal monitoring for either five or ten data centre racks, depending on configuration.

“We’ve introduced the EkkoSoft Critical Starter Pack to give data centres of all sizes access to the kind of M&E Capacity Planning and Simulation capabilities that have previously only been available for the largest data centre estates,” explained EkkoSense’s CEO Dean Boyle. “With the starter pack we’re providing everyone with the ability to experience how real-time visibility of their critical heartbeat operational data can make a real difference when it comes to maximising data centre performance.

“We’ve also designed our solution to be particularly simple to deploy and easy-to-use, so there really aren’t any barriers to taking advantage of our advanced 3D Simulation capabilities. With EkkoSoft Critical in place it’s so easy for data centre teams to just drag and drop their critical rack and cooling assets into place and run their own simulations. There’s no need for expensive external consultants, and your data centre team can be confident that they will always be delivering the right cooling, power and space capacity strategies.”

Key EkkoSoft Critical Starter Pack features include:

  • Access to powerful, intuitive 3D software platform to manage and optimise data centres
  • What If? Scenario planning: instantly see the space, power and cooling impact of proposed changes
  • Rack level capacity management and power allocation
  • Existing hardware integration, with support for Modbus & 3rdparty 433 MHz wireless sensors
  • Ability to drive data centre cooling energy savings of 20%+

Attendees of the upcoming DCD Zettastructure show in London (Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th November) can see the EkkoSoft Critical Starter Pack in action on Stand 32, while visitors to DataCentres Ireland in Dublin (Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21st November), can visit EkkoSense on Stand 214.

About EkkoSense: 

Calling on the most advanced sensing, software and analytics solutions, only EkkoSense can guarantee 100% ASHRAE rack-level thermal compliance for data centres, with guaranteed cooling energy savings and protection from thermal risk.

Today the company has grown to become one of the IT industry’s leaders in the provision of software-driven thermal optimisation for critical live environments. The EkkoSense data centre team consists of thermal, mechanical, refrigeration engineers and Ph.D. thermal experts with 20+ years’ experience in optimising data centre environments. EkkoSense provides advanced software tools, data analytics and expert services to reduce risk, increase capacity and save energy in critical infrastructures.

For more information please visit www.ekkosense.co.uk or contact Cheryl Billson, Comma Communications – PR for EkkoSense on +44 (0) 7791 720460 or Cheryl.billson@commacomms.com

Source: www.ekkosense.co.uk/ekkosoft-critical-starter-pack/

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