INDUSTRY NEWS: posted 16 April 2018

Ekkosense’s Data Centre Optimisation (DCOP) Manager, Anuraag Saxena, has been shortlisted as a finalist for the DCS Awards 2018 “Individual of the Year” category.

Anuraag initially joined the EkkoSense team as an intern as part of his Masters programme at Nottingham University. Our work was particularly relevant to Anuraag’s studies, as his research was focused on the renewables and cooling aspects of IT performance in critical facilities. Now, as DCOP Manager, Anuraag and his team monitor 100% of all the thermally sensitive equipment in a data centre. That way they can support their assessment of the dynamic behaviour of data centre cooling with the kind of solid real-time data that’s critical when it comes to taking decisions that are central to risk free energy savings.

Having conducted over 150 in-depth data centre thermal surveys, Anuraag and our DCOP team have helped to develop a proven, safe thermal optimisation process that draws on potentially thousands of real-time wireless sensors, as well as expert spatial models. Combining data and smart models is now helping data centres across the UK and internationally to remove the uncertainty from their critical facilities cooling.

Every single EkkoSense DCOP Data Centre Optimisation project that Anuraag has worked on to date – ranging across 100s of data centre rooms – has not only delivered 100% rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance for EkkoSense customers, but also secured an average 23% data centre cooling energy saving, with typical project payback in under a year. EkkoSense DCOP customers also benefit from improvements in data centre capacity, enabling the installation of further IT equipment without additional cooling costs.

Anuraag is a key part of our drive to take data centre thermal optimisation to the next level. By collecting thermal data from potentially thousands of wireless sensors across the data centre, EkkoSense can now create rack-level detailed maps of their customers’ critical facilities. These not only display real-time cooling and thermal performance, but also provide the core machine learning data needed to power next generation real-time decision-making based on the company’s proven space, cooling and power algorithms.

Available at a cost equivalent to less than 20% that of a traditional cooling units, this software-driven thermal optimisation approach delivered by the DCOP team also provides a platform for the kind of real-time decision-making and scenario planning capabilities that organisations will inevitably require to transition towards true AI-managed data centres.

“Anuraag’s EkkoSense DCOP team have been instrumental in optimising our in-room airflow, achieving a 30%+ energy saving, removing key hot & cold spots and providing a thermal cooling approach that allows us to keep on securing additional data centre cooling savings year-on-year.” Commented Joe Searle, Technical Facilities Manager, Visa

“Anuraag is always professional, polite and conscientious and has been a pleasure to work with. Over the past 12 months our data centre thermal compliance has been dramatically enhanced and Anuraag has been fundamental in highlighting the required changes. Working with Anuraag has meant that we have now been able to achieve 100% thermal compliance and he has identified further energy saving initiatives which we are now discussing with our client. I will look forward to working with Anuraag again over the next 12 months.” said Rob Kopel, CBRE Project Manager

This year’s overall winners will be decided by a public vote. Votes are only eligible from a valid business email address (third-party providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail aren’t acceptable) and only one vote per award category per person is allowed.

To cast your vote, please visit www.dcsawards.com/voting.php before the closing date of Friday 11 May.

About EkkoSense:

EkkoSenseis a UK-based data centre thermal software and services expert. The EkkoSense data centre team consists of thermal, mechanical, refrigeration engineers and Ph.D. thermal experts with 20+ years’ experience in optimising data centre environments. EkkoSense provides advanced software tools, data analytics and expert services to reduce risk, increase capacity and save energy in critical infrastructures.

For more information, please visit www.ekkosense.co.uk or contact Cheryl Billson, Comma Communications – PR for EkkoSense on +44 (0) 7791 720460 or via email at Cheryl.billson@commacomms.com

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