INDUSTRY NEWS: posted 15 October 2018

PRESS RELEASE:  Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom - To lead the growing Telecoms and Broadcast BU, EkkoSense have announced the appointment of Colin Crawford.  Colin joins EkkoSense, bringing a wealth of experience working within senior telecoms sales roles for companies such as Dantherm and CommScope.

EkkoSense are expanding their already successful telecoms and broadcast portfolio, concentrating on meeting the specific challenges faced by these organisations. EkkoSense’s balanced cooling approach provides benefits when applied within telecoms and broadcast organisations who aim to increase network power within reduced spaces.

EkkoSense pair ongoing hardwear improvements continual estate management services, site audits and analysis. These are undertaken using the company’s innovative sensors and 3D visualisation software. With these tools EkkoSense can offer improved network reliability, performance improvement and maximised systems lifespan. Colin brings 20 years’ relevant experience and expertise to EkkoSense having delivered solutions for such telecommunications organisations as Telefonica and Vodafone in previous roles.

EkkoSenseCEO Dean Boyle is quoted as saying: “with experience in assisting some of the world’s largest organisations in optimising the thermal performance of their networks, EkkoSense is an ideal partner for telecoms and broadcast businesses as they seek to secure the maximum performance from their business-critical network assets. With Colin Crawford joining EkkoSense to head up our Telecoms and Broadcast team we’ll be working closely with our industry partners and customers to develop our work in this area, with a particular focus on improving network reliability, increasing capacity and maximising systems lifespan for their existing network assets.”

“Optimised network performance is always conditional on the consistent performance of thermally-sensitive transmission equipment, and that’s particularly the case in the telecoms and broadcast sector where thermal optimisation is becoming more and more critical,” added Colin Crawford. “Over the last few years EkkoSense has quickly established itself as a key solutions and services provider in this area, and I look forward to helping further establish the company in these critical markets.”

EkkoSense telecoms services include:

  1. Cooling desktop and onsite assessments and surveys
  2. Cooling calculator tools and pre-construction surveys
  3. Designs for cooling implementation, via approved technologies and bespoke applications.
  4. Approved technical services for deployment of cooling systems
  5. Full environmental monitoring and performance assessment services

About EkkoSense: 

Calling on the most advanced sensing, software and analytics solutions, only EkkoSense can guarantee 100% ASHRAE rack-level thermal compliance for data centres, with guaranteed cooling energy savings and protection from thermal risk.

Today the company has grown to become one of the IT industry’s leaders in the provision of software-driven thermal optimisation for critical live environments. The EkkoSense data centre team consists of thermal, mechanical, refrigeration engineers and Ph.D. thermal experts with 20+ years’ experience in optimising data centre environments. EkkoSense provides advanced software tools, data analytics and expert services to reduce risk, increase capacity and save energy in critical infrastructures.

For more information please visit www.ekkosense.co.uk or contact Cheryl Billson, Comma Communications – PR for EkkoSense on +44 (0) 7791 720460 or Cheryl.billson@commacomms.com

Source: www.ekkosense.co.uk/ekkosense-expanding-telecoms-broadcast-business-unit/

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