INDUSTRY NEWS: posted 20 November 2017

All businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their energy consumption, whether it be as a result of rising energy costs or the need to reduce carbon emissions, therefore it is important that we look for the simplest and most cost effective ways of reducing a buildings energy consumption.

As world leaders in energy efficient fans & motors ebm-papst know that the simplest way to reduce the energy consumption in buildings is to ensure that all Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning equipment is fitted with the highest efficiency Electronically Commutated (EC) fans. With HVAC equipment accounting for more than 40% of a commercial buildings energy consumption, making it more energy efficient can offer considerable energy and CO2 savings.

Whilst many new facilities built in the UK already incorporate EC fans in their HVAC equipment, it is the case that most older buildings continue to use inefficient equipment, and rather than spending capital on buying brand new equipment, often a more cost-effective option is to upgrade the fans in existing equipment to new high efficiency EC fans.

Upgrading to EC fans offers the following key benefits:

§  Upto 70% reduction in energy consumption

§  Integrated, infinitely variable speed control

§  Reduced noise

§  Payback periods as low as 2 years

§  Direct drive motors for maintenance free operation

§  They are in most cases directly interchangeable with their inefficient predecessors, allowing for simple replacement with minimal disruption.

Discover ebm-papst’s simple 4 step process to upgrade your application by downloading the brochure here.

About ebm-papst

ebm-papst are the world’s leading manufacturer of high efficiency fan and motor products. With an extensive product range, world class technical support, bespoke design and assembly capabilities and a logistics service which is second to none, they can help you to find the optimum air movement solution, whatever your application.

For more information about ebm-papst please visit their website www.ebmpapst.co.uk or contact:

Luke Tanner, Commercial & Marketing Co-Ordinator on +44 (0) 1245 456565 or by emailing luke.tanner@uk.ebmpapst.com

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