GENERAL NEWS: posted 19 September 2018

Five years since the first DATACENTRE.ME (DCME) end user evening networking event feels like an appropriate time to stop, take stock and appreciate just how far we have come.

Across five years, DCME has maintained and grown on its original values. The only vendors at the events are sponsors of either the event and / or the DCME website.  In this way Caroline and the rest of the DCME team ensure high value for vendors who have the opportunity to meet every attendee that comes through the door.  The end user invitees are, in turn, happy to attend, safe in the knowledge that they will be able to fully enjoy an excellent evening with the potential to meet relevant vendors and peers.

The DCME team works very hard to individually check and register each attendee which ensures that the guest list is made up of high-level decision makers and influential managers and directors.   The percentage of end user registrants compared to vendors is usually well over 70%. With topics ranging from Data Centre Strategy, Design & Build, Operations & Infrastructure amongst others, DCME does its utmost to cover all aspects of Data Centre interests within the events.

Over the past five years DCME end user networking events have taken place in various locations within the City of London.  The venues themselves each adding a different dimension and feel to the evening. Caroline is always on the hunt for the very best venues with the right mix of location, space and atmosphere. Attendees may remember successful events which have taken place on St George’s Day, in the summer during blistering heat and even during heavy snow storms in February of this year!

Photographs of the events are always a great reminder of the events, many DCME evenings have created lasting business and professional relationships, as well as some firm friendships. Mixing business and pleasure with panache and flair, Caroline ensures the DCME events always run smoothly and live up to her high standards.

“I am immensely proud of the DATACENTRE.ME networking events. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all our kind sponsors.  Without them our events would not be possible.

“I knew I wanted to provide a different kind of networking opportunity. I set out to bring together data centre decision makers with vendors who could provide solutions for their needs. Inviting the right people has always been my main focus, ensuring each one has a real opportunity to talk to a vendor with the right skills and products for their sites.

“London is the right place for my events as it’s the hub of the UK’s data centre community. We may look to host our events in other cities in Europe in time, but London will always be at the heart of DCME.

“Five wonderful years and many fantastic business relationships. We hope to continue to run these events for many more years to come. Thank you to our kind sponsors and fabulous attendees as these events couldn’t happen without you.”  Caroline Hitchins, Owner and Founder of DATACENTRE.ME

The next DCME event is on Tuesday 25th September and is already sold out.  Dates have already been announced for 2019 events as follows:

The DCME Charity "Christmas Kick-Off" Party will take place on the evening of Wednesday 28th November 2018 in Central London.  Sponsorships and tickets are available now.  More information can be found by clicking on the event link or contacting Caroline Hitchins on +44 (0) 7544 121900 / caroline@datacentre.me

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