Aggreko has announced that it has signed a multiyear agreement with GE’s Distributed Power business, to connect up to 10,000 assets to GE’s myPlant Asset Performance Management (APM) solution over the next five years.

The project, the largest to date for GE’s Distributed Power myPlant offering, will be first deployed on site during Q4 2018, and will provide a cloud-based monitoring and diagnostics infrastructure to remotely manage the performance of Aggreko’s fleet of mobile, modular power plants.

Aggreko, the global market leader of portable hire powerheatingcooling and energy services, will be able to gain real-time intelligence for better decision-making – which will increase the asset’s uptime at customer sites, bringing the benefits through to the customer.

“With Aggreko’s globally mobile and geographically widespread fleet, this agreement will provide us with the ability to remotely monitor hundreds of thousands of sensors across our power generation fleet,” said Dr. Volker Schulte, Group Manufacturing & Technology Director, Aggreko plc. “This will allow us to improve our performance and prevent system disruptions so we can better serve our customers around the world.”

GE’s myPlant aims at improving efficiency across the board for equipment, reducing life-cycle costs and driving operating performance and profitability. The innovative software digitally transmits relevant data and alarms, predicting vital facets such as oil lifetime over 100 additional data points, allowing for better response times and lowering operational downtime.

“By digitalising its fleet through the implementation of our myPlant APM solution across its global assets, Aggreko will be able to deliver power to its customers more reliably and efficiently,” said Carlos Lange, president of GE’s Distributed Power business. “myPlant will allow Aggreko to monitor equipment condition, performance and availability. With these real-time insights, Aggreko can make better decisions to reduce equipment downtime and operating costs.”

About Aggreko:

At Aggreko, we work round the clock, making sure our customers get the electricity, heating and cooling they need, whenever they need it – all powered by our trademark passion, unrivalled international experience and local knowledge.

Keep your servers running with data centre power and cooling rental from Aggreko

From building and commissioning new data centres, to upgrades and day-to-day-operations, our engineers can design, test and install reliable power, temporary cooling and loadbank services. 

• Reliable power

Our gas and diesel generators can be used as an additional source of power, in place of mains power, to supplement power if your in-house systems reach their limit, or as standby power during maintenance.

• HVAC systems

Our temperature control packages provide supplementary cooling to tackle seasonal temperature increases, support during maintenance or infrastructure expansion. We can also provide chiller, cooling tower, A/C unit and air handler packages.

• Load bank services

Testing your power and cooling systems is crucial to ensuring the resilience of your site. Our engineers can put your equipment through its paces.  We can also assess your site’s risks and create a fail-safe plan that we can put into action if you do have a data centre power emergency.

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