Tyrrell Products Ltd Profile

Contact Name:
Laura Highley

North West England
+44 (0) 1942 732819

Specialising In:

  • Access Control
  • Automation
  • Connectivity
  • Data Centre Hardware
  • Data Centre Power
  • Facilities Management
  • Infrastructure


Managing and monitoring loads in electrical distribution is fundamental in energy management, cost control and the reduction or elimination of equipment down-time.

eBMS Branch Monitoring™ from Tyrrell Products provides comprehensive monitoring for Power Distribution Units and electrical distribution systems at each circuit breaker to make all these things possible. Manufactured in the UK with over 60 worldwide patents, our advanced system delivers features and benefits not previously possible with other products. These include accuracy of measurement, methods of calculation, processing techniques and physical design and layout.
All these elements are essential to maximise the benefits.

Carefully designed with the engineer and end user at the core of our development choices, we are able to create a suite of special products we believe to be unique, powerful, beneficial and competitively priced for the job. With all this in mind, eBMS Branch Monitoring™ from Tyrrell Products is perfect for todays innovative Data Centres.

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