Server Technology, Inc. Profile

Contact Name:
Erik Stabile
1040 Sandhill Drive

Specialising In:

  • Data Centre Hardware
  • Data Centre Power
  • Data Centre Software
  • Facilities Management
  • Management
  • Optimisation


Positioning Statement
For 30 years, Server Technology's power experts have provided power strategy solutions to critical networking, disaster recovery, lab, computer, storage, and production data center environments. As power strategy experts, we work step-by-step with you to accurately define your current and future power needs so that you receive the right solutions the first time. Our best in breed PDUs, power management solution, and dedicated customer support is why 97 percent of our customers buy from us again and again.

STI Customers
The majority of top companies around the world like Google, AIG, NetApp,, CISCO, Oracle, Chevron, BT, Qwest, Facebook, and ING trust Server Technology because we provide the most reliable power distribution and power monitoring solutions available today.

Largest Product Line and largest R&D Team
Whether you're building a new data center or upgrading current equipment, you can take advantage of the largest research and development team and PDU library in the industry. We are the team that is building PDUs and monitoring software solutions for the biggest web companies around the world. Like these companies, you too can get unmatched quality, innovation, performance, and reliability.

Get the data you need to make informed decisions to improve power efficiency, capacity planning, alerting, and reduced costs all in a single pane of glass system. SPM is all you need at a quarter of the price for a full DCIM package. We are the DCIM alternative. Sentry Power Manager (SPM) is the simple and affordable solution that can be used to measure, deploy, update, monitor and trend power to the your entire local or global data centers.