EkkoSense Ltd Profile

Contact Name:
Dean Boyle
Sir Colin Campbell Building
University of Nottingham Innovation Park
East Midlands
+44 (0) 115 823 2664

Specialising In:

  • Consultancy
  • Data Centre Cooling
  • Data Centre Software
  • DCIM
  • Energy & Carbon Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Optimisation
  • Planning
  • Professional Services


EkkoSense is a leading provider of software-driven thermal optimisation solutions and services for critical live data centre environments. Combining innovative sensors, immersive software and expert thermal services, EkkoSense helps optimise critical facilities by removing thermal risk from data centres.

Unlike traditional critical cooling approaches, EkkoSense harnesses the potential of the ‘fully-sensed’ data centre to enable new levels of thermal compliance and cooling energy cost reduction. Every single EkkoSense deployment has delivered 100% rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance for customers, with an average cooling energy saving of 23% and project payback in under 12 months.

EkkoSense brings together thermal expertise, innovation in Internet of Things-based sensor technology, 3D software visualisation and analytics capabilities, and proven optimisation expertise. The result is a rack-level detailed map of your critical facilities that displays not only real-time cooling and thermal performance, but also provides the core machine learning data needed to power next generation real-time decision-making based on EkkoSense’s proven space, cooling and power algorithms.

By applying the machine learning data gathered by wireless IoT sensors to its spatial model, EkkoSense offers the industry’s only platform for the kind of real-time decision-making and scenario planning capabilities that organisations need to transition towards true AI-managed data centres.