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Jo Marshall
EcoCooling Ltd,
Symonds Business Park
Newmarket Road
Risby, Suffolk, England
East of England
IP28 6RE
+44 (0) 1284 810586

Specialising In:

  • Cost Management
  • Data Centre Cooling
  • Data Centre Power
  • Data Centre Relocation
  • Design & Build
  • Energy Management
  • Environmental Services
  • Green Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Installation


EcoCooling can reduce your server cooling costs by over 90% even when data centres are only partly populated.

Established in 2002, UK based EcoCooling is at the forefront of evaporative cooling technology and is the market leader in the evaporative cooling of data centres with the CREC (Computer Room Evaporative Cooler). CRECs provide a fresh air ventilation system using EC fans, supported by evaporative cooling, to produce compliant cooling conditions with high efficiency throughout the full range of data centre loading.

The CREC system, which is suitable for both retrofit and newbuild complies with both ASHRAE and manufacturer conditions, and has an energy use of typically only 3% of the installed capacity, giving clients up to 95% energy savings when compared to a traditional CRAC system. PUEs of 1.1 are regularly achieved as is ROI in less than a year.

The CREC was introduced in 2009 and is now installed in over 150 data centres and server rooms in the United Kingdom and Ireland with loads varying between 10kW and 1.5MW this does not include their latest project for a 5MW data centre in Central London.

A CREC control system, based on the Schneider Crouzet PLC, has been developed to accommodate the complexities of data centres. Fire systems and associated refrigeration controls are integrated into one package. The system can communicate with existing systems and an EcoCooling web based remote monitoring and operating system is available.

The system has been used for repeat projects at many sites including Cambridge University and Blue Chip and has recently helped 4D Data Centres win the green data centre of the year award. (part of Data Centre Solutions 2012 awards)

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