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Jennifer McColl
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  • Data Centre Cooling


Cooling is one of the most important considerations for data centre managers, ensuring that IT equipment is kept in optimum operational conditions. However, cooling also accounts for around half of all electrical energy used. As a leading fan manufacturer, ebm-papst UK is well placed to advise data centre providers on how to reduce their energy use, especially if you are in charge of legacy data centres.

The UK data centre market is estimated to consume around 6.4 GW of power annually – roughly enough energy to power six million homes. Industry figures suggest this will continue to rise as the demand for data centre services becomes ever more important in today’s era of digital information and recording.

Legacy data centres often have inefficient cooling equipment such as Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units and chillers that use AC fans which are inefficient and use too much electrical energy. ebm-papst UK works closely with data centre building and facility managers to provide significant energy savings through providing energy efficient solutions for cooling.