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DATACENTRE.ME works with a number of data centre businesses who release white papers on a regular basis.  

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Upgrade your asset management strategy for greater savings: Current water usage trends show that by 2030, the world will have only 60% of all the water it needs.  Asset performance management improvements can bring substantial efficiency gains and cost savings.  In this whitepaper, you will find a three-step strategy for an effective digital transformation of asset management across water and wastewater operations.   Read the full white paper here.

Transition to a Smart Grid: With widespread integration of distributed energy resources along the network, Smart Grid capabilities are being introduced into MV/LV substations to maintain power quality and achieve greater service continuity.  Read the full white paper here.

Medium Voltage Design Basics: Environmental & Operation Conditions: Being flexible is important for panel builders, contractors, facility managers and specifiers. Having components meet medium voltage (MV) standard IEC 62271-200 ensures switch- and controlgear can handle all situations. Reduce maintenance needs by designing and specifying with environmental and operation conditions in mind. Learn more about the MediumVoltage world.  Read the full white paper here.

Using Li-ion Technology in UPS SystemsNew Schneider Electric white paper gives key guidance on essential topics concerning Li-ion batteries in a question-and-answer format. It begins with a brief description and comparison of the essential science underlying both Lithium-ion and VRLA chemistry and continues to describe variations in available Li-ion batteries, including how they can best be deployed within specific data centre applications.  Also discussed are the numerous advantages Li-ion batteries deliver over their VRLA counterparts, including their size, weight and operational lifetime.  Read the full white paper here.

The Different Types of Cooling Compressors: Compressors are at the heart of all cooling systems. They are used in data centre applications to carry heat energy away from IT equipment and ensure it is cooled efficiently.  Their function is consistent in all cases: to compress a refrigerant from a low-pressure, low-temperature vapour, to a high-temperature, high pressure, and then push it through the refrigeration loop where the heat is rejected to the outdoors, or outside of a data centre. However, there are many different types of compressors, using a variety of techniques to accomplish the task.

This white paper details the technical differences between the many types of compressors and outlines the inner functions of five most common types. It compares the cost, efficiency and capacity trade-offs that must be considered depending on the size of the data centre application.  Read the full white paper here.

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Lifespan of UPS Batteries: In this new whitepaper we tackle the topic of  battery care and explore the lifespan of UPS batteries.  Read full white paper here.

Centralised Bypass Vs Decentralised Bypass in N + 1 Redundant Systems:  Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using a centralised or decentralised bypass in N + 1 parallel redundant UPS Systems.  Read full white paper here.

Centralised Bypass Vs Decentralised Bypass in N Capacity Systems: Check out our white paper exploring the main differences between centralised and decentralised (distributed) bypass in N Capacity UPS Systems.  Read full white paper here.

Power Continuity for Industry 4.0: This white paper explores the role UPS systems are playing in the smart factory revolution.  Read full white paper here.  

The Stack: ‘Rise of the Robots’ & Industry 4.0:  In this white paper Riello UPS explores how the surge in data demands will impact data centres. They outline some of the steps the industry is already taking to ensure it is best placed to cope with what increased automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and smart manufacturing have to offer.  Read full white paper here

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Alex Blake, Business Development Director for ABM Critical Solutions explores some of the challenges the financial services sector - one of the early adopters of data centres - faces today and in the future.  Read the full white paper here.


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White Paper regarding the environmental benefits of using Diesel Rotary UPS systems to support critical loads in the datacentre.  Using DRUPS systems in high efficiency mode, brings significant benefits at partial loads, typical to a datacenter environment, without a trade off in reliability.

How Green is Green

White Paper regarding the availability in datacenter UPS infrastructures compared.  Typical characteristics of a DRUPS system are advantageous for the reliability and availability. In itself a DRUPS system is a simple concept, using a few components.

Diesel Rotary UPS reliability and process availability

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems require an energy storage capability with sufficient capacity to bridge the time between the mains power failing and an emergency power source, such as diesel fuelled on-site generation, starting and taking over the load

Kinetic Energy Storage VS Batteries in Data Centre UPS Applications


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Click here for a link to Hygood White papers.