Public Relations Partners

DATACENTRE.ME is delighted to be working with and have the support of:

Just as designing specifying and building data centres requires a massive amount of multi-disciplinary knowledge, skill and co-operation - providing highly effective media communications requires a specialist in data centre PR with the multi-disciplinary skills to understand and support your product or service in a number of specialist market sectors.

If you are a data centre owner, operator, hosting provider, co-location provider and you want your facility promoted in print and online media, you need a data centre PR specialist that not only understands the terminology but can quickly draw out from your people the benefits and USPs (unique selling points).

Perhaps you're a data centre real estate agent or investor, a data centre design and build practice or a systems integrator? Again you need expert help from people who understand the industry and all of the technical jargon.

If you're a manufacturer of IT equipment or M&E equipment and serives you need people who can position you through high impact press releases and highly informative, technically accurate, feature articles and case studies crafted by expert journalists. So that the data centre and sector media editors love them and come back asking for more.

Most of Turtle Consulting Group PR's testimonials come from PR-Agency-hating Editors - so if tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Pounds-worth of free publicity is what you need - talk to the PR people that the Editors recommend!

See more at or phone MD Phil Turtle on +44 (0) 7074 707060 not forgetting to mention where you found these details please...