DCN TV Pricing

DCN TV Prices & Details

DCN TV is a video news service which is open to all DATACENTRE.ME clients.  See the DCN TV promotional videos that we have already created for existing clients by clicking here.  

Simply contact Caroline Hitchins (contact details at the foot of this page) for an initial discussion of how you can get your own video news PR mentioned on this website each month. Caroline will arrange free a video marketing consultation with channel producer, John Allard, who will talk you through how to get started.  Benefits include:

* Video blog at www.datacentrenewstv.com to store and present your current and historic DCN TV video news PRs

* Links to your specific offer or call to action linking back to your own marketing

* Plus extra mentions on DCNTV Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube

* Each prospective customer will receive free support, templates & guidance to help them through the process.  We’ll even help write your first three scripts!

* Custom report based on our new VMMi on-line audit that will help pinpoint best ways to deploy video to improve profit and customer service. (For details CLICK HERE)

The service is as easy as placing an advert, we work with you to design the best script, you send up your logos, photos and even video clips and we do the rest. To see the result, watch the above videos to see what can be achieved for as little as £450 plus VAT per month (subject to long term contract).

Please contact caroline@datacentre.me / +44 (0) 7544 121900 for further information or to sign up.