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What's it all about and how does it benefit the international Data Centre sector????

Offering a whole host of Data Centre-related information, DATACENTRE.ME is, quite simply, the global one-stop shop for everyone who's anyone in the world of Data Centres today.

DATACENTRE.ME provides key industry information such as daily news, directory (who you can partner / network with, buy from, sell to, etc) which events, webinars & training courses to attend, which reports to buy, a recruitment section and even which PR companies to use.

DATACENTRE.ME alleviates the need to visit several different websites in order to collate various information relating to the Data Centre industry which, previously, was always the case.

DATACENTRE.ME has been gaining momentum at an astonishing rate is already fast becoming one of the primary sources of global information for Data Centre professionals today by providing:

  • A directory of vendors, suppliers, service providers etc within the DC industry
  • Daily DC-related news, information, updates & press releases
  • A forum for people to post questions and have them answered by others
  • Links to other valuable information that DC professionals will find useful such as:
    • * Events (exhibitions, conferences, webinars etc)
    • * Networking events
    • * Training courses
    • * Recruitment / Job board
    • * Publications
    • * Reports
    • * PR companies

If you are supplying a service or a product into the data centre industry, you are invited to register your organisation's ***FREE*** listing in the A-Z Directory or why not upgrade your listing to ensure that you are higher up the list, ahead of your competitors? 

To stand out from the crowd even further, there are also several affordable advertising & sponsorship opportunities which are listed here

You are also invited to regularly forward your company’s Data Centre-related news, updates and press releases for inclusion on the daily news page - this is another FREE service. 

Whatever level of participation you choose, we'd like to extend an enormous welcome on board with DATACENTRE.ME

Thank you so very much for your kind interest & support as DATACENTRE.ME would not exist without YOU!!!

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Together we are strong so please keep spreading the word and let's all share the success!!! 

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